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Automate your tax information reporting & withholding process

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Achieve timely and accurate regulatory compliance with our automated and intuitive tax solutions, designed for Chapter 61, Chapter 3, FATCA, CRS, DAC 7 and the OECD’s AEoI.

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Your Information Reporting Solution

With complex and ever-evolving regulations, staying on top of your tax compliance requirements can be challenging. Comply Exchange’s award-winning Tax Compliance Solutions are here to help.  With AI-inspired technology, automating your compliance needs has never been so simple.


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Comply Admin

A highly configurable, secure, and scalable document repository for storing, maintaining, and validating tax forms with in-suite withholding rate calculations, structure setup and allocations, and reporting.  

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Comply eforms

An online, interactive onboarding tool to electronically collect IRS Forms W-8, W-9, 8233 and self-certificates, together with real-time validation leveraging the latest IRS guidelines.

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Withholding Statement Extractor

A highly configurable, secure, and scalable document repository for storing, maintaining, and validating tax forms with in-suite withholding rate calculations, structure setup and allocations, and reporting.  

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Comply pro

Comply’s comprehensive Training and Support Hub includes a number of training courses and resources specific to information reporting and withholding with material that is regularly released, including monthly tax technical news and updates.

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Comply wallet

Our Document Wallet increases accessibility and mobility of user’s who are required to submit the same complex tax documents to multiple recipients. Streamline this process and pass your document securely, wherever it needs to go.

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managed services

Managed by our Subject Matter Experts here at Comply, we offer a fully functional back-office facility to take on the day-to-day tasks that are weighing your team down.

Reporting Capabilities

The Comply Exchange Ecosystem


A secure document repository for storing, maintaining & validating tax forms.


Collect & validate IRS Forms W-8, W-9, 8233, & self-certs using the latest guidelines.

WHS Extractor

Automates data extraction from Withholding Statements using AI.


CPE-accredited training & support courses integrated with ComplyAI.


Store and share your tax documents securely with our free doc wallet. 

Account Holder Lifecycle


Prompt tax document submission with our user-friendly eForms platform, featuring interactive Q&A and IRS validations. Collect Forms W-8, W-9, 8233, & self-certifications easily.


Submitted tax documents & instantly validated and securely stored in Comply Admin, our robust document repository & back-office administration application.


Efficiently cross-check account holder data and manage discrepancies. Use our Managed Services for comprehensive support, relieving data management burdens & saving time.


Guide account holders with our eForms solution, automating complex IRS tax forms using Kofax OCR. Integrate mForms into your mobile app for easy tax documentation submission.


Automate complex withholding rate calculations with our in-suite generator, using form status, payee type, income characterization, IRC exemptions, and treaty claims.


Create management & compliance reports with on-demand data extraction. In-suite reporting of 1099, 1042-S, CRS, & FATCA, ensure comprehensive compliance with reporting & withholding requirements.

The Latest Headlines

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A final list of CRS reportable jurisdictions was published by the Bahamas Competent Authority. The list did not include any changes to previously reported reportable jurisdictions.

Key Takeaways from the EEI International Tax & Information Reporting Conference

The 2024 International Tax & Information Reporting Conference held in New York City last week brought together leading experts and industry professionals to discuss the latest trend...

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