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Our multi-functional digitization and AI inspired rules-based product suite includes Comply eForms, one of the first systems to conform to the IRS Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) standards for obtaining electronic Forms W-8. A highly configurable online interview process delivering the electronic submissions of Forms W-8, W-9 as well as the innovative dual submission process for obtaining self-certifications together with real-time validation that leverages the latest IRS guidelines. 


Comply Administration, with its efficiency enhancing and automated form validation and issue processing includes intuitive learning capabilities that provides the functionality to configure multi-tiered fund structures whilst supporting the collecting, digitization, verification, validation and management of both paper and electronically submitted documentation. Comply Administration also includes a full suite reporting capability, delivering a host of management reports, withholding tax calculators, 1042-S reporting including the 1042-S PDF production, FATCA 8966 reports as well as supporting the OECD and other CRS defined schemas.


For those companies that look to gain further efficiencies or just need help in managing their day to day obligations, our outsourced Managed Service provides an experienced and fully operational back office facility. Established within a highly secure environment, our Managed Service facility can support document collection, digitization, entity record and issue management, complex structure setup as well as accommodating a range of reporting needs.

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Comply Exchange has been created to give businesses and individuals the support they need to comply with the ever increasing regulatory tax burdens.

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