Used as a stand-alone system, integrated, or in conjunction with Comply eForms, our Admin solution supports a diverse range of account holders delivering functionality to manage large vendor/supplier populations whilst fully supporting the complexity of multi-tiered fund structures.  Administration supports the collection, digitization, verification, validation and management of both paper and electronically submitted documentation.

  • Do you struggle in validating your customers Form W-9, W-8, 8233 and self-certifications?

  • Do you have to report under Chapter 3, FATCA or CRS?

  • Would you benefit from having your withholding rate calculation automated?

  • Are you spending too much time invoicing and/or generating 1042-S reporting?


Our Administration solution is available for installation within your own environment or as a hosted service. It is quick to install and highly configurable, providing a secure and scalable platform for accepting historic, current and electronically submitted documentation. It supports multi-tiered complex structures (IMY's) and exports detailed tax calculations and withholding statements on demand. The process controls, administration guidance and comprehensive reporting can all be tailored, whilst meeting 1042-S, FATCA and CRS requirements.

How does it work?

  • Mitigate risk of non-compliance

  • Ease end of year reporting

  • Improve working processes and procedures

  • Increase knowledge retention

  • Reduce costs


Key Benefits

  • Validate against compliance rule set

  • Calculate U.S. withholding

  • Maintain document status

  • Reporting covering Forms 1042, 8966-FATCA & 8805


Key Functionality

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Integrated OCR

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