Comply Exchange will soon be launching a new service, ComplyLite. This functionality will allow smaller businesses the opportunity to use a condensed, simplified version of our Admin application.

ComplyLite provides the functionality to solicit, validate, store and provide management reporting for your account holder data.  Based on the Comply Exchange suite used by both FI's and MNC's across the U.S. and Europe, ComplyLite is the simple to use, entry-level platform to help manage your documentation obligations (Forms W-8 and W-9) and help ensure your compliance with chapters 3, 4 and 61.

Intergrated with eForms

Integrated with eForms


ComplyLite allows for the request of new forms or the re-solicitation of forms that have expired. Following IRS guidelines, account holders are guided through a predefined process to select and submit the appropriate form. The form is submitted using an electronic signature, validated in real-time and attached to the account holder record for review and reporting.

Management of Information Reporting

Management of Information Reporting


The ComplyLite dashboard provides a graphical display of information at a glance, while including a range of on-demand Management Reports exportable in MS Excel.

Back-office Support

Back-office support


Our Client Account Support Group (CASG) provides an experienced and fully operational back office facility. Established within a highly secure environment, our CASG oversee the accounts and provide daily support, ensuring a smooth flow of information and reviewing exceptions before they are passed to our members. The CASG remove much of the burden of documentation management, while Lite members retain both ownership and full accountability.

Paper Form Support

Paper form support


In addition to the E-Forms submission process, Lite Members can upload handwritten, paper Forms W-8 and W-9 to be digitized. The forms are automatically scanned and OCR'd to create a digital form and record. The digitized forms are validated and attached to the entity record.

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