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Integrated OCR

If you struggle with storing, maintaining, reviewing, and validating paper forms, Comply’s integrated OCR functionality is here to help. Kofax makes our OCR process smoother than ever. Powered by OmniPage OCR and seamlessly integrated into our back-office administration application, paper forms can be digitized and validated in just seconds. Our automated and innovative software is designed to read and digitize paper forms while validating against a rigorous rule set and even calculating the withholding rates, thereby significantly reducing the burden imposed by paper forms.  

  • Do you struggle with storing, validating, and maintaining paper Forms W-8 and W-9?

  • Would you benefit from having your paper forms automatically pushed into a back-office administration application for processing?

  • Would you benefit from integrated OCR functionality that can read both handwritten and typed paper forms, while running these forms through a vigorous validation process?

Our innovative OCR technology is available through our Comply Administration suite. The OCR module is embedded within the application, using either a form by form or bulk import process. If you have a high volume of paper forms, our integrated OCR can not only be run as a background task, but with our integration capabilities, newly submitted paper forms can be automatically pulled into Admin for digitization and validation.


How does it work?

  • Eases the burden around paper form collection

  • Minimizes the risk associated with manually reviewing paper forms

  • Automated tracking of form expiration and changes in circumstance

  • Ultimately reduces costs

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Key Benefits

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  • Import paper forms via a one-off or bulk process

  • Run larger processes as a background task

  • Automated digitization and OCR processes

  • Automated Validation of forms against a rigorous rule set

  • Automatic withholding rate calculations

Key Functionalities

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Managed Services

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