Important Links for Information on COVID-19

Who is Impacted

Anyone making payments of U.S. source fixed, determinable annual, or periodical income to non-U.S. persons will be interested in staying connected with updates from the Internal Revenue Service, The Treasury Department and the OECD to find new and changing information as a result of COVID-19.

What Changed

Over the past few months we have seen efforts by governments around the world take steps to provide relief for those taxpayers impacted by COVID-19. Keeping up with the changes by federal and state governments is difficult, adding in the challenge of staying current with changes globally. To assist you in your efforts to keep current, we wanted to provide some useful links that you may want to visit on a regular basis:

The IRS:

The Department of Treasury:

The U.S. Government: (In English) (In Spanish)

Update on OECD Tax Work:

Center for Disease Control (CDC):

How to Implement

Visit these websites often to stay informed of changes, both tax and health related!

Share your experiences with us in the comments or e-mail us!

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