This solution provides the functionality to generate a wide range of reports to deliver your Chapter 3, FATCA and CRS reporting needs. Regarding Chapters 3 and 4, we can provide a comprehensive range of reports, from a simplistic calculation of the overall tax withholding position, to the more complex deliverance of Form 1042-S reports inclusive of PDF form generation. As for FATCA-IGA and CRS reporting, we can identify reportable person(s) by tax jurisdiction, provide a ‘human readable format’ and the XML format required for IRS and local government postings.

  • Do you face the time-consuming task of compiling the data necessary for IRS Forms 1042-S, 8966-FATCA, 8805 and/or CRS reporting?

  • Are you maintaining sizable spreadsheets in an effort to store W-8, W-9 and/or Self-Certification data?

  • Do you incur significant advisory fees for the compilation, and/or manipulation, of this data?

We take information from the entity record, documentation and other sources, such as the tax treaty tables, to determine reportability and calculate the withholding position. The built-in rule set, and comprehensive entity logic, enable the look through of complex structures to determine the withholding position for each ultimate beneficial owner.  All reports can be read in screen and extracted to MS Excel for review before generating the XML versions needed for local government filings.


How does it work?

  • Increase accuracy of tax reporting & withholding 

  • Significantly reduces time, and cost, via automatic flow of information

  • Eases consideration of structuring solutions such as intermediaries, [reverse] hybrids and disregarded entities 

  • Utilises programmed capital share & carry processes to calculate income allocations

  • Unload oversight of regulatory change monitoring

Key Benefits

  • Form 1042-S: reporting, FDAP allocations, WHT calculations and PDF Form generation

  • FATCA Reporting: IGA monitoring, IRS F-8966 PDF Form & XML generation

  • CRS Reporting: participating jurisdiction monitoring & XML generation

  • Form 8805 reporting: WHT calculation and PDF Form generation 

  • Ad hoc: management, withholding statements, estimated WHT calculator, foreign tax reclaims look through analysis, etc.

Key Functionality

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