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Comply eForms

eForms was one of the first tax software applications to conform to the IRS’ Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) standards for obtaining electronic Forms W-8. A highly configurable, online interview process enabling the electronic submission of IRS Forms W-8, W-9, 8233 and self-certifications, together with real-time validation and leveraging the latest IRS rules and regulations. Self-Certifications are also readily configurable, singularly or via a dual submission process with Forms W-8 and W-9.

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How does it work?

Simple to use, the interactive verification process helps ensure the right form is submitted and the information entered is correct. Integrated with tools such as TINCheck and a GIIN matching facility ensures the information obtained is validated proactively at the point of input. The eForms application can be integrated into a current onboarding or other third-party facility or utilised independently with full client branding.

Comply eForms

Would you benefit from carefully crafted questions that conform to IRS guidelines leading to correctly submitted and pre-validated tax forms?

Could your customer experience be improved by providing them with a method of seamlessly submitting tax documentation, with guidance and validation in place?

Would you benefit automating your tax form collection process, eliminating the need to manually request these forms?

Reduce (Icon)

Reduces the burden of trying to manually obtain IRS Forms W-8, W-9 and 8233

Increase Accuracy (Icon)

Increases the accuracy and validity of tax forms received

End User (Icon)

Provides a better end user experience with targeted guidance and in application assistance

Mforms Intergration (Icon)

Automatically pushes data through to your integrated Admin back-office application

What Is Comply eForms?

eForms 2
eForms 2
Secure (Icon)

A secure, online tax form submission process

Forms (Icon)

Supports the latest IRS Revision Dates for IRS Forms W-8, W-9, 8233 and a range of Self-Certifications

Customizable (Icon)

Highly configurable allowing the creation of substitute tax forms

Rules (Icon)

Utilizes a rules-based approach for validation through submission

Language Icon

Integrated with Google Cloud Translations, it Supports over 100 languages

The Benefits

Reduce (Icon)

Reduce the burden of trying to obtain IRS Forms W-8, W-9 and 8233

Increase Accuracy (Icon)

Increase the accuracy & validity of the forms received

Forum (Icon)

Automatically pushes data through to your integration Admin back-office application

Customizable (Icon)

Highly configurable allowing the creation of substitute tax forms

Now available on mobile devices Via Comply wallet

Comply Wallet is our new intelligent Document Wallet, embedded with our market-leading mForm application for submitting IRS Forms W-8 and W-9, together with Self-Certifications if required. Using the Doc Wallet, partners can provide real-time updates on documentation validity straight through the app’s interface.

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